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FIERTE Collagen Skim Care Set

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FIERTE Collagen Skim Care Set

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 Brand Name


FIERTE Collagen Skin Care Set

"Provide your skin with nature's health and relaxation......"
'FIERTE' means 'pride' in English, and it signifies a professional woman's pride, self-esteem, and self-respect.

Major effects of collagen

It drastically improves the elasticity of skin. Collagen also improves skin moisturization and prevents loose skin, leaving it resilient and smooth. It controls cell activities and enhances immune functions, leaving it smooth. It has tightening and lifting effects.

Product Feature

1. FIERTE Collagen Essential Hydro Skin
This high moisturizing toner gently delivers moisture to skin, relieves fatigue from tired skin and fills it with energy. Marine collagen tightens lifeless skin and keeps it smooth.

After washing face every morning and evening, apply a proper amount to entire skin, as if wrapping up your skin.

Volume 150ml

2. FIERTE Collagen Essential Hydro Lotion
This nutrition emulsion revitalizes dry, rough skin. Since it contains the moisturizing agents such as hyaluronic acid and green tea extract, it keeps skin soft and supple for a long time and controls the balance between oil and moisture levels of skin. Marine collagen keeps loose skin lively and healthy by giving tension.

After using essence, apply a proper amount to face and give gentle strokes.

Volume 150ml

3. FIERTE Collagen Essential Anti-wrinkle Cream (Approved Anti-wrinkle effect by KFDA)
It keeps skin soft and supple for a long time by strengthening the functions of skin and forming a protective moisture barrier on neutral, dry skin. Marine collagen gives vitality to rough, inelastic skin and keeps it lively, lustrous and healthy.

At the last step of basic skin care, apply a proper amount to entire face and give a gentle massage.

Volume 55g

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100 sets

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