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OSHIAREE Snail Mucin Anti-Aging Cream

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OSHIAREE Snail Mucin Anti-Aging Cream

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 Brand Name


[OSHIAREE Snail Mucus Wrinkle Cream]

Sticky mucin on the snail’s body consists of proteins and glucides, also included in corium and cartilage of the human body, to lubricate aid in the resilience of skin. The principal component, chondroitin sulfate, provides luster and maintains moisture in skin; when this ingredient is provided continuously, cell functions become reinforced by becoming activated, resulting in anti-aging effects.

* Effects of snail mucin as an ingredient of cosmetics :
Moisturization, reinforcement of skin resilience, control of moisture metabolism and nourishment of the outer cell walls

- Prevention of aging
- Prevention of bacterial infection
- Ion-migration and control of extracellular fluids
- Prevention of blood coagulation and purification of blood
- Maintenance of transparency of the epidermis

Product Feature

• Chodroitin sulfate, the major component of snail mucin, quickly relieves skin troubles and stabilizes stimulated skin caused by cell activation, while the moisture control of the cell walls and nourishment action make skin lustrous from the inside.
• Also, natural moisturizing polymer hyaluronic acid provides sufficient moisture to leave skin soft and beautiful.
• This cream contains adenosine, an ingredient announced by the Korea Food and Drug Administration as an effective ingredient for diminishing wrinkles, which will effectively smooth aging skin.

Main Ingredients

- Snail mucin : Suplying plent of moisture and nutrition that takes case of skin activity and elasticity.
- Hyaluronic Acid : Mosturizing effect.
- Adenosine : Anti-wrinkle effect.

Spread the cream with the slippery texture evenly and pat lightly for absorption. Snail mucus extract creates a thin protective layer on the surface of skin, preventing further absortion of other products to be applied on top, thus use the cream on the last step of basic skin care.

Do not store in areas with excessive temperature fluctuations.



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