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OSHIAREE Special Cream

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OSHIAREE Special Cream

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OSHIAREE Special Cream (Approved whitening and anti-wrinkle effect by KFDA)

The effect of Jijangsoo( filtrate of loess suspension)
The Jijangsoo (filtrate of loess suspension) contains natural mineral that helps to improve trouble skin. In addition, it prevents skin ageing and makes skin elastic and healthy.

Main Ingredients

  • Yellow Ocher Extract
  • Niacinamide : Whitening Effect
  • Adenosine : Anti-wrinkle effect
  • Aloe, Green tea, Chaeomeles sinensis, Diospyros Kaki leaf extract : Improve damaged skin
  • Squalene : Moisturizing effect

Product Feature

This mild cream cares skin whitening and winkles, helping resilience care for tired skin.

It is a cream which is as dense as sticky-rice cake makes skin soft and firm immediately upon contact.


Argan oil and squalane control the oil and moisture balance, loess extract (muddywater) nourishes stressed skin, aloe extract and panthenol improve the conditions of damaged skin, leaving skin smooth and lustrous.


Also, niacinamide(vitaminB3) in highly functional multi-cream improve the dark and dull skin for bright and brilliant complexion.

How To Use

Take appropriate amount of the cream and apply evenly to the skin. In particular, apply intensively to wrinkled area and rough skin.

Volume 50ml

Skin types that need this cream

  • Loose skin due to lack of moisture
  • Dull and tired skin that loses luster
  • Wrinkled or wrinkle processing skin around eyes and mouth
  • Skins that need supply of moisture, anti-wrinkle and whitening


50 pieces per box

  Delivery lead time

Within 7 days after getting payment

  Minimum order

50 pieces

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